Fanbank Launches Expert Network to Give Small Business Owners Fintech Advice

Fanbank Community closes the small business technology knowledge gap.

Santa Monica, CA, 11/20/2019 5:04:36 AM

 Technology leveled the playing field for Main Street small businesses. Now, we need to close the knowledge gap so these time and resource-starved business owners can play on that field. 

Fanbank, the world leader in personalization software for local commerce, today announced the launch of the Fanbank Community™, a new expert network exclusively for the benefit of Main Street small businesses. As Main Street small businesses struggle to compete against Wall Street and the online aggregation power of Amazon, the Fanbank Community will provide advice and guidance to small businesses on how to utilize tools to compete and grow.

The Community will feature executive staff from Fanbank, leading small business owners, and prominent business leaders in fintech, financing, personalization, and other technical fields critical to small business success. Small business owners can participate in discussion forums and query experts on a variety of topics that help them access transparent and easy to understand information about pricing, functionality, best practices, and real world experiences of peer business owners.

According to prior surveys conducted by Fanbank, thirty-three percent of small business owners cite access to technology that helps them work ‘smarter not harder’ as their most crucial needed resource.

“Technology leveled the playing field for Main Street small businesses,” says Mitch Jacobs, Fanbank founder and CEO and founder and former CEO of Ondeck (NYSE: ONDK). “Now, we need to close the knowledge gap so these time and resource-starved business owners can play on that field.”

The Fanbank Community will include an advertiser-free Resource Guide to highlight industry vendors that offer specialized services to small businesses. Relevant companies are encouraged to list their services at:

Brainsy, Inc., a company funded by former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, which offers customized social media engagement platforms, has been selected to provide the underlying technology that powers the new Fanbank Community.

Visit for more information or to register as a small business or small business service provider for free.


About Fanbank, Inc.

Fanbank, Inc. ( gives small, local businesses the tools to grow in their local communities. The platform includes access to big brands to help local businesses stand out, customized marketing materials built by professional designers, and access to hundreds of campaigns to help them take advantage of sales events throughout the year. Its growing membership includes thousands of businesses nationwide across business categories. Founded in 2017 by 4-time small business fintech entrepreneur, Mitch Jacobs, Fanbank is based in Santa Monica, Calif.


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